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Call Us Today!
(818) 781-5667


Turnaround Time and Scheduling:
Q: What is your normal turnaround time?
A: We're the best in the business and can accommodate a 24 Hour turnaround upon your request. We schedule our crews in advance to meet our customers' turnaround time requirements. For example, for those who schedule in advance, we can double crew your job at a certain date for no extra cost to you and have it ready for before you need it. And, for those who can't schedule in advance, although more expensive, we also offer expediting capabilities utilizing overtime and on-call talent.
Work Quality and Reputation:
Q: What have your customers thought about the work you do for them?
A: Our repeat customer rate is well over 95%. Over the years there have been zero complaints that weren't resolved satisfactorily. As a better business bureau member, our performance is public knowledge.
Q: What do your customers say about Ajax’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating?
A: Although most prefer to be anonymous, they share one common understanding about their experience with Ajax’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating. They all understand they got what they paid for and readily come back because they trust the value they received.
Q: How do you maintain the value you provide your customers?
A: We only accept work when there is a total understanding of the requirements up front as well as any limitations, also discussed and understood up front. Communication is therefore our secret to success. Call 818-781-5667 and ask us.
Technical Capability :
Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We have served the Southern California since 1963.
Q: What about special applications requiring specialized blasting media?
A: We are blasting materials experts and will tailor a solution for your application. For example, we do starblast, black beauty, aluminum oxide, steel grit, glass, and plastic media. Plastic blast media is best for sheet metal (for automotive and aircraft needs).
Q: How long can I expect a Ajax’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating special coating / painting job to last?
A: At Ajax’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating, we determine how deeply to abrade oxides and contamination. Our quality assurance and quality control verifies virgin, contamination free substrate prior to the coating application. When compared to our competition, we consider our work to be as good as new.
Q: How does Ajax’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating stack up to competition?
A: At Ajax’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating, we routinely receive work that our competition either can't do or won't do. The secret is in our preparation and application capabilities.
Q: Is it worth coating or painting?
A: Not if it doesn't last. This has always been our traditional problem. Ajax’s Sandblasting and Powder Coating addresses that problem by controlling the abrasion depth during media blasting to replicate a new virgin substrate. This is the secret to our success, as it should be.
General Questions:
Q: I have an unusually large item. Is there a limit to what you can do?
A: We have a 5,000 sq. ft. heated indoor facility and the capability to fit items up to 60 feet long or to lift items that weigh up to 30,000 lbs.
Q: I have a small item that I need sandblasted. Can you help me?
A: Yes. We can blast and coat anything you ask us to! Call us at 818-781-5667 or e-mail us at for a quote.
Q: We need some welding done on items that we want sandblasted. Do you weld as well?
A: We can do some minor welding to fix rusty or damaged areas of something, but please leave large or precise work to a welding shop.

Ajax's Welding Sandblasting
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(818) 781-5667

7933 Gloria Ave Suite 5
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In Business Since 1963

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